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Here you can find out the latest surf news, enjoy a variety of articles and surf stories and check out some of our weather and forecasting features. This is also the place to find out about how the launch and development of Hotswell.com is progressing. If you'd like to contribute to or comment on these pages, drop us a line or click here.

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  As surfers, we’re pretty like-minded. We love the beach, the sea, the sun, even the cold. We love nature. But how many of us fit the environmentalist stereotype? Most of us are environmentally conscious and wouldn’t intentionally pollute. But we also have cars, we drive, we traverse the globe. We’re unknowingly hypocritical. We use mass-produced boards, mass-produced wax and our wetsuits are made from petroleum that harms the ocean. We all believe in environmental causes, but few of us ever follow this through with the products we use and the actions we take. Luckily, eco-friendly alternatives to surfing equipment are...
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  Words and photos by Josh Sainsbury and Laura Klonowska   Once again university surf societies raced their way to Newquay in full force for the annual BUCS surf competition. Fistral beach played host, providing slightly dismal day one surf and then left the event hanging with a flat weekend forecast, causing an early finish to the contest. Yet the vibes were high; DIY slip’n slide, flat day wavecraft, Redbull (providing the caffeine and the beats), booze, pasties, pizza and a strong commitment to riding a foamie. Making the best of it. In convoys of cars, mini buses and coaches, universities...
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  Rogue waves are vast surface-waves that occur spontaneously, often in open ocean. They are over twice the size of the significant wave height for a given sea state and are immensely unpredictable, causing chaos for large ships and ocean liners. They've puzzled scientists for decades and have only become definitively proven within the last few years.     Scientists in Germany have come up with a method that could change the future of big wave surfing. Due to the unpredictability of the waves and the lack of wave buoys and wave reading equipment in areas where they are more likely...
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  Make sure you’re prepared for a UK summer Although summer is a fickle thing in the UK, something a lot of us runaway from, most of the local troopers have no choice but to stick around, endure the inevitable flats spells, fight the crowds and risk a 2mm summer suit. Surviving summer doesn’t sound too hard, you’ve dared the chilly peaks through winter and hopefully experienced many a session more than worth fighting the cold for, summer will be easy. But the unsympathetic reality is that summer within the UK is hard, a lack of waves above three foot and...
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  What's the best thing to wear under your wetsuit? Boardies, boxers or my personal choice; old school naked. And which option is most comfortable and convenient?   Boardies Boardies, the standard choice of the newbie. Your first time sliding into the rubber and you're fully kitted in your beach boardies and your shiny new rash vest.  No need for a towel. You slip straight in, zip up and are immediately aware that you've become victim to a terrible wedgie and a rash vest which now fits like your sister's tube top. Ready to dive into your session you have no...
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  There's a magnificent amount of things about surfing we just love; the ocean,  glassy barrels,  new wetsuits,  Kelly Slater’s lack of hair,  a fresh board, the smell of wax (to the extent where most of us have given it a sneaky lick).  And although it's a sport we all love, there are just a few things that can make our surf day an unhappy one. A wet wetsuit On a dank frosty winter's day the surf is still pumping from your session the previous day.  But after returning home cold, wet, tired and hungry you dismiss the dismal 5 minute task of cleaning and...
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2014, another year where modern surfing will once again, move forward? Another year where we forget how the surfing industry got to where it is today? Where competitive surfing is? We’re forever leaping forward into a more modernized surfing industry, a new way of surfing, a more popularized surfing community.  But how did we get here?                                             On the 2nd of November, 2013, Montgomery “Buttons” Kaluhiokalani passed away after a long fight with lung cancer. One of the fathers of...
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  • Six Species of Surfer

      Admit it. We're a weird bunch. Here are six of the creatures you'll find yourself mingling with in the line up.   (Illustrations by Andi Pratt. Check out more of his crazy work here and on Instagram.)     And all together:       So which one are you? Or are you a different beast entirely? Let us know in the comments below.   ...

    by Alfie Hayward
    Monday, 11 January 2016
  • Surfing Valentine's Cards ~ Now you can actually buy them!

      Surfers are sweet. Sometimes salty, but mostly sweet. And to prove it here are some surfing-themed Valentine's cards. You can buy them from our Zazzle shop. Or if you're skint, just copy and paste one of the images below onto your Valentine's Facebook page. If that doesn't do the trick, they clearly have no feelings. Click on any image to view it in the shop.   ...

    by Alfie Hayward
    Monday, 01 February 2016
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